Atta Mills Anniversary

On this one year anniversary of John Atta Mills' death, we here at OGOV want to take a moment to reflect and remember a man and leader that we lost too soon.

We also want to remind readers of our tribute we ran last year, which featured 35 poems for President Mills, including this excerpt from Prince Mensah:

Whether we agreed or disagreed, one fact
Stands out like an oak among neem trees -
You were a man of peace, a man of patience,
An excellent son of Mother Ghana -
As the sun sets, as the birds fly in dusk,
As tears fall endlessly, as minds grapple
With the suddenness of tragedy, we know –
We know your life was a show of distinction,
A light of unity, a beacon of hope
And we remember you as such – a gift
God gave Ghana, a gift beyond measure.

You can read all of the poems for President Mills here.

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