Our Dear Driver - Kofi A. Amoako

Today we got the driver with the heavy right foot
That driver with a bad temper and an eye for the tightest space to overtake
Yes, the same one who has mastered these Accra streets
The driver who knows every gospel song on the radio and every insult there is
and holds his tongue neither for saints nor sinners

Of all his qualities, nothing worries us more than his heavy right foot
The foot that harshly steps on the accelerator as if he's killing a serpent
When he drives, our hearts are in our stomachs and our stomachs in our mouths
Despite loud groans and muffled protests, the heavy footed driver proceeds
with little care in the world

We can't change him
But if we could, we'd lighten the weight in his right foot
The foot that steadfastly pins down the accelerator like an unmovable rock
the foot that flies us through this thick Accra traffic

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