Welcome to the new One Ghana, One Voice

We hope you enjoy our new look, which clears up a lot of the "sidebar clutter" that once plagued this blog, allowing the poems the primary focus they deserve. Our deep thanks goes to Sean Wilkinson, an enthusiastic poetry supporter and web designer from Canada, who came in and refurbished our messy little house free of charge!

If you have any notes on the new look (or praise for Sean), please post them in the comments section, or send them to us at oneghanaonevoice(at)gmail.com and we will pass them on to him.

To celebrate the new template, we offer you the following essay on OGOV and the emerging Ghanaian poetry scene, by OGOV regular Darko Antwi. This article was originally published by our colleagues at Poetry Foundation Ghana, and is republished here with Darko's blessing. We hope it inspires you and, perhaps, provokes a discussion!
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