Thank You

Our series of poems in memory of President Mills has come to an end. With 35 poems published over 40 days, this represented a Special Series like none other here at One Ghana, One Voice. Either through poems, or comments, or supportive tweets and emails, or prayers, everyone in the OGOV community contributed in some way or another. Thank you.

While we are no longer accepting submissions of poems for this series, we'd like to offer the comment section of this post as a place to add your thoughts and poems as they come to you. We are still accepting general submissions, of course - view our Submission Guidelines page for more details.

If you are new to the series, all of the poems published during the series are archived here. Please do take your time and read through these many powerful and heart-felt memorials.

We here at OGOV will be taking a brief hiatus to regroup following this major undertaking, but rest assured that we will be back soon enough with more original poems and essays.

You whose strength lay in your silence-
You've never sounded louder in our ears:
It is peace that matters. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Rest in Perfect Peace.

- from Greet Nkrumah for Us (A Dirge), Nana Kofi Acquah


Rob Taylor
On behalf of the OGOV team

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