Memories in Soft Breeze - Prince Mensah

- An Elegy for President John Evans Atta Mills

You left us without saying goodbye
You left us without saying goodbye
We have too many questions and no answers;
We are in shock and sighs, our mouths
Are still open with surprise –
You were father of our nation, shepherd
Of our collective hopes and dreams
But on this morning of mornings, we are
Caught in mourning – our spirits are stirred
Unto sorrows upon your departure.
This afternoon is as dark as night, our hearts
Ponder on your life and wonder why
Death chose to come down like a hawk,
Like a bolt from a clear sky

The clouds have lost their colors, the birds
Sing no more, the wind refuses to whisper -
Ghana cannot stop crying, no consolation
Can minimize the impact of your passing –
You served your nation with distinction,
You were patriotism personified –
Ghana will not forget your devotion,
We remember your gracefulness
In a flood of memories in soft breeze -
We write your deeds in our hearts,
We shall tell them to the young; to those
Yet to be born, we shall say –
He was a great example of decency, a man
Whose life was built on scruples and decorum

Whether we agreed or disagreed, one fact
Stands out like an oak among neem trees –
You were a man of peace, a man of patience,
An excellent son of Mother Ghana -
As the sun sets, as the birds fly in dusk,
As tears fall endlessly, as minds grapple
With the suddenness of tragedy, we know –
We know your life was a show of distinction,
A light of unity, a beacon of hope
And we remember you as such – a gift
God gave Ghana, a gift beyond measure.
The emptiness still remains, it hurts –
You left us without saying goodbye
You left us without saying goodbye

Prince Mensah is a regular contributor and associate editor at One Ghana, One Voice.

If you have a poem in memory of President Mills, please send it to us at oneghanaonevoice(at)gmail(dot)com.
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