From the Archives: The Dream Child - Kwadwo Oteng Owusu

Once born was a child among many,
Innocent, free spirited, a humming bee
In his eyes the world was at peace,
in his mind there was an end to the sea
He lived on scanty amidst the many,
he fed on many when all had ceased.

He was conceived during those times,
the time when beasts lived like men
when the fleas pleas could be heard,
when savagery and bravery lied not
yet the civilised bonded with the savage,
and he was born of royal heritage.

Like the many tales among his kinsmen
His name was many among the many
The re-incarnated, the gift of the old folks
He was the pride of the father folk,
the women sung him names in dirges
yet they craved to taste his lineage.

To what he could do, there was no end
After all, he was the son of the sun gods
the wealthiest prince among the many
Of his might and splendour, measureless
Of his beauty and glory, priceless
Yet he lived a pauper amidst the many.

Old poems at OGOV don't die, but live on in our archives! Every once in a while we will dust one off for our newer readers to enjoy. "The Dream Child" was orginally published on OGOV on May 15th, 2010.


Unknown said...
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Nana Bentum said...

U are one among many dream child Owusu

Kwadwo Oteng said...

Thank YOU Nana...