Ghana - Teddy Totimeh

Ghana is beautiful
If you pause long enough
To see the colour in the squalor
If you pause long enough to sample the order in the odours.

Ghana is beautiful
If you stand long enough
To feel the humor in the clamour
And are not too particular
About what is correct and what is not.

Ghana is beautiful
When you appreciate the patience
Of a suffering people
Ready to progress.


Darko Antwi said...
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Darko Antwi said...

Teddy Totimeh's poem is beautiful. If you read long enough to examine the imagery in the lines - and are too particular about humour, like I am!

The shrine of wisdom in Totimeh's poetry is a necessary treasure that should be upheld in the constituency of Ghanaian literature.

Welldone Teddy. I like your poem.

Anonymous said...

Ghana is beautiful for its people such as yourself, dear Teddy