Whitney: An Acrostic - Prince Mensah

What a voice, what a voice sent from heaven!
Here we are, browsing memories you left.
I Will Always Love You, you sang to us,
Telling us about heartaches and heart pain.
No one captured love like you did,
Even angels knew not to face you in song.
Yes, we are struggling to remain strong.

Every life is a candle on life's path,
Lighting places where heartbreaks rule.
In your voice was a sweet, sweet spirit that
Zeroed in to secret places in our hearts.
All we wanted was to hear you sing again
But God needed you badly in heaven's choir.
Every time we hear your voice, our hearts
Tell us that you are resting in peace,
Happy to be where troubles cease.

Here we are, to remember your life -
Only God knows why you left us early.
Until we meet again, we shall sing
Songs of love that you immortalized.
This moment, our hearts are heavy with sadness,
Only God knows why you left us early.
Now look to Him, He waits by gates pearly.
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