Memories of the Electricity Company of Ghana - Kofi A. Amoako

On, off
On, off
On for a while
Off for a while longer

On during the day
Off during the night time when the moon is late
On when the television is broken
Off when the final match is showing

On when nothing needs freezing
Off when the morgues are overcrowding
On when the clothes are drying on the line
Off when it's time for ironing

On when the charcoal is plentiful
Off when there's a kerosene shortage
On when there's nothing to do
Off when needle needs threading

On when nobody's home
Off when the party is still young
On when there are secrets to be shared
Off when we need to see the faces of strangers

Dear Electricity Company of Ghana,
Turn it on when I need to see my scars, my memories
Turn it off when I cry and feel vulnerable
Turn it on when I mouth "I love you" to my dear
Turn it off when my lover feels shy
On those nights when rain bounces on the roof.

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