Finally at Peace - Dela Bobobee

With your music
you offered so much to the world
with your lovely voice
raised emotions to new heights
with your incredible voice
reached the hearts of the masses

with your love life
we know you didn’t get enough in return
with abusive lover, spat on, scorned
surrounded by friends, family and staff
yet isolated in the midst of the crowd
no love was as expressed as in your music

with your troubled talent
you paid the high price of isolation
the gap between public adoration
and private pain, tight in accepting support
with the pain of exquisite sensitivity
underscored flaws that influenced escapism

with your sudden death
you transformed into an ethereal message
with your tragic loss a reminder:
the ability to take in affection and care
is perhaps as important as giving it out

with the hope of immortality
Whitney, please when you finally get there
do extend our love and appreciation to Janis Joplin,
Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Michael Jackson,
who like you were cruelly tossed about by fame and fortune...
and are finally at peace.
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