The Still Small Voice - Dela Bobobee

As we welcome the first month
when a new voice is first heard
our blunted ears may we whet
to hear the new still small voice

a voice of reason
a voice of unity
a voice of humanity
a voice of hope

while we try to read subtle signs
as first glimpse of hidden fruition
to herald the other side of the coin
in the hues kaleidoscopic cycle brings
may our loins not amass greedy children
who would torch a barn to assuage hunger
and may we not abet hot-headed progeny
who would set a granary on fire to trap a squirrel

if what binds us together as one voice
is truly greater than what divides us
then may our minds now be as one
to turn our diverse lyrics into harmony

if we have done it before
then we can still do it again
if only we rise above greed, hatred
and just listen to the still small voice.

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