Write To The World's MICROPOETRY Contest - Winning Poems

Week One Winner - James Robert Myers


As I give myself this
Constant reflection, I imagine,
My inner feelings broaden
Your beauty accentuates your trousers
Then I fall to grounds

Week Two Winner - Kwame Acquah Storbee

The Landmines

No doubts feuds abound,
In this love I found.
But lo, I am bound
Not placing her t’ ground,
A landmine it may sound.

Week Three Winner - Paul Forjoe Junior

In Five Lines I write, In Five Vowels I Might

Abuse accordingly, an act astronomical
Evolving egos, eclipses, even explicit
Inconclusive idioms intertwined in irony
Odd orgasms outstanding on offer
United unilaterally under unseen unison

Week Four Winner - Philip Boakye D. Oyinka


You were taught to run
There’s fire on the mountain;
But stay where you are
The sea is my tenant,
Let fire call his boast.

Week Five Winner - Nana Kwesi E. Dadson


Love runs our hearts through
To make the skies blue,
It is one but two;
Abstract but true
It’s us, me and you.

Week Six Winner - Sharon Tracy Phonos


The trees are my home
And I wonder if
It is my soul’s song
To breathe sweet scented air
And never forget my roots.

Week Seven Winner - Edzordzi Agbozo


When our sunset draws near
Oh, let the old old
Backwards forward dance: Husago
Lead us to the other
Phase of life.


Anonymous said...

That Myer Regret is damn too much!-Dr.Daodu

Unknown said...

Three Short Questions For the Poets who won.

1. Why did you participate in the Mircropoetry Contest?

2. How did you hear about the Micropoetry contest

3. Has this contest had an impact on the way you see and write poetry? If Yes, ho? If No, why?