It Is My Turn - Philip Addo

It is my turn to say quiet
It is my turn talk
I can’t stand your talking anymore
For you speak in parables
But I will speak in plain language
It is my turn to cause a quake in your head

It is my turn
It is my turn to sing my own song
It is my turn to dance to it
When you sing I don’t understand
And your dance has no meaning
Come and let me show you how to sing
The beautiful songs of my land
The warrior’s chant
Which you can’t
The melodious voice
Which you don’t
Come and let me show you the dance of my land
The movement of the feet
Which you can’t
The speech of the hands
Which you don’t
The rhythm of nature
The tickling of the soul
The calling of the ancestors
The mingling with the spirits
The warrior’s dance
The fisherman’s dance
The farmer’s dance
The hunter’s dance
The dance of unity

It is my turn to stand tall
It is my turn to beat my chest like a man
And fly like the birds of the air
Far far above your reach
The drum of FontonfroM has spoken
And the echo of AtumpaN has responded
It is my turn

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