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Kofi Gyamfi Anane-Kyeremeh (A.K.A. Kofi Baako Pe) is a talented young writer who just completed his studies at Takoradi Polytechnic. Born in Accra on May 12th, 1989 he started active writing at the age of 14, when he was in the Secondary School. He wrote his first book, Planet X at that time. He is currently the co-founder/head of Write To The World, and wishes to be an entrepreneur in the near future. He has written close to 600 poems, five books and many essays, and is bent on writing on anything that appeals to him.

Five Questions with Kofi Gyamfi Anane-Kyeremeh:

1. How long have you been writing poetry?
I have been writing poetry since 2005 when I was in Secondary School. I have a mighty lot of poems now.

2. Who are your favorite poets? Which poets have most informed and inspired your work?
For poets who have inspired my work I will say Shakespeare, basically due to his Sonnets.

3. What do you hope to accomplish with your poetry?
I want my poetry to entertain readers. A poem of mine always carries a lesson, a quote, a message, a proverb or advice, but its principal business is to entertain. If readers feel - for want of a better word - gratified, I am okay.

4. This poem demonstrates your love of similes. What is it about similes that draws you to them? Do you have a favourite simile, either in this poem or written by another author?
I sure do use similes but seldom, even in love poems. In this piece, I wanted to liken the "madness" of the poet in love to everyday happenings. I think similes help me to make good and easy comparison becuase sometimes readers don't get my metaphors quickly or fully. My favorite simile in this piece is "He soaks reason like a sponge/ And urinates it out, like a broken fountain."

5. Can you tell us a bit more about "Write to the World". What is it, and how can our readers contribute?
Write To The World (WTTW), is a writing organisation started in 2007 and co-founded by myself and my partner/associate Maxwell Odoi-Yeboah, after we completed secondary school. WTTW seeks to help young writers, regardless of location, nationality, etc., to enhance/polish their writing talent and help give them a platform on which to display that talent. We also seek to portray the importance of literature in our lives. Everything we offer is for free. Our sites are and All contact details are on the sites, plus we are on Facebook. We also partner with K-Hitz foundation in New Jersey, and Open Air Theatre on Radio Univers 105.7fm. We are here to help.

Contact Kofi:
Email: donscraper(at)


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