Wake Up, I'm Home - Juanita Tsikata

Sore, maba fie.

Firi me so.

Maame, ma fe wo.

Enb3 ha me. 1

Why are you crying?

You ask?

Who angers you?

What a shame!

Is it my brothers, running from you?

No, my dear.

Or my sisters, renouncing what is true?

No, not so.



A long way you have come.

Indeed I have.

Fifty-three years is but a letdown.

Certainly I am greying.



I cannot wear my kente anywhere.

My child!

They call it kenta.

Oh my heart!

They say I’m a man.

What? How? Why?

My hair Mama!

Black curls, my love.

A man’s way, they say.

Hush you’re you!

They laugh at my tongue!

You speak of the sun!

They laugh at my ways.

And dance for the moon!

They call me British.

The gods forbid!

Indeed I am.

No, say not!

I am yours by birth.

And by blood, my love.

I am theirs by circumstance.

I warn you. Cease!

I have forgotten you.

Ay, my heart!

I have purified my blood.

You, say no more!

I crave for family.

I’m here for you.

I yearn for together.

In body and in spirit!

I am me by birth.

You said it, too!

And theirs by paper.

Come let me torch it!



Hold me close.

Indeed I shall!

Love me like none other.

Hush my child.

For I am yours by birth.

Yes, this I know.

British by circumstance.

A curse bestowed.

I must go now!

Sunset, so soon?

I will visit again!

If not, pain you will gain!

I love you, Mama.

Than you will ever know!

Adieu, my heart.

Daughter, hold steadfast!

I have to head back.

Viny3 loh! 2

I’m yours by birth.

My love, 'tis true.

And theirs by circumstance.

Forever subdued!

1- Wake up, I'm home.
Leave me alone.
Mother, I've missed you.
Leave me be.

2- Oh my child.
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