The Dream Child - Kwadwo Oteng Owusu

Once born was a child among many,
Innocent, free spirited, a humming bee
In his eyes the world was at peace,
in his mind there was an end to the sea
He lived on scanty amidst the many,
he fed on many when all had ceased.

He was conceived during those times,
the time when beasts lived like men
when the fleas pleas could be heard,
when savagery and bravery lied not
yet the civilised bonded with the savage,
and he was born of royal heritage.

Like the many tales among his kinsmen
His name was many among the many
The re-incarnated, the gift of the old folks
He was the pride of the father folk,
the women sung him names in dirges
yet they craved to taste his lineage.

To what he could do, there was no end
After all, he was the son of the sun gods
the wealthiest prince among the many
Of his might and splendour, measureless
Of his beauty and glory, priceless
Yet he lived a pauper amidst the many.


Darko Antwi said...

I was not very keen about Owusu's OGOV debut, 'Their and Our Encounter' - but thank heavens I bore and will not bear no prejudice as to his potential, nor his magnanimous writing prowess (I couldn't have predicted) he exerts in 'The Dream Child'.

I hope that the new feature to be introduced soon by the magazine's editors would enable three other commentators and I to pick poems at random and comment. The excellence of this poem is typical of some poems in the archive that need retrospective review. In other words, we are given the benefit to study a beautiful work like Kwadwo Oteng Owusu's 'The Dream Child' - if even it fails to attract weekly reader commentary.

Welldone Kwadwo.

Darko Antwi said...

please correct 'will not bear no prejudice to: will not bear any prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Well suppose we old timers have to keep the ball rollin.Indeed a work of measured beauty--but who is this child?A son of Africa?A roll model for those who also dream?or Christ himself?The strength of the piece is therefore--reflect ponder on it yourself.Silverzorro

Anonymous said...

Futhermore when I read it slowly digesting it line by line,which is a compliment to its author,my mind meanders to that wonderful Nigerian writer---Ben Orki.

Anonymous said...

Futhermore when I read it slowly digesting it line by line,which is a compliment to its author,my mind meanders to that wonderful Nigerian writer--Ben Orki.

LS said...

I thought his first poem reminded me of Awoonor, and that poet's constant nudge at history. I'm not sure what to make of this one, but that is not a bad thing.


Kwadwo Oteng Owusu said...

...In all humility, i bow to your comments and appreciation..

Silverzorro...look around you, and you will find that Child; because, He is the Africa living in poverty amidst the many - the oil, the gold, the human capacity. The Africa whose names is sited in all the bad news(dirges) yet day in day out, they crave to come to our shores...

God Help Us..Cheers to you alll!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is this poem saying exactly? Line for line. It sounds interesting but I really can't comprehend it.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell us more about your life and your childhood that led you to write this poem? Was it a personal experience?

Well done on this poem Kwadwo

Kwadwo Oteng Owusu said...

Ralph, i grew up as a normal boy in Kumasi would grow up, with a liking for history.
This poem however, is more of a personal reflection on the challenges that face people and nations in their quest for development. And here, my theme centered on Africa, the "Dream Child", who has all that can be imagined, but is born and lives us a pauper amidst the blessings that nature has bestows on it!!!

If you see your reflection in this poem, then, perhaps, you could also be a " Dream Child"...!!!!