The Dripping Tears of Africa - Appiah Grant

It is not for the riches nor the many stitches we see
Neither is it for the fashions nor great mansions we desire
And the residual abundances of the surplus redundancies

It is not for the tricks of the politician
Nor the ancient favouritism of man’s nepotism
But the very fate of man’s innate isms and schisms

It is not as good as the potion of the bitter bile
Nor the worrisome nagging song of the nocturnal bat
But the old legacies left by the scars of racism and ethnicism

It is not the criticism against the present government
Nor the count of vices against the previous’ resentment
But the very treachery against the dignity of humanity

Oh yes! I say it is for none of those we see in the media
Nor the countless lies and crying agenda of propaganda
But the sad defect of disrespect of the societal intellect

It is not of the many morn traffics we hurdle through
Nor our several years of boil in toil upon the desert soil
But a sheer ear to the people’s clarion call for the uprising

It is not for the rattle of rifle in search for power and title
Nor of the Western colonialism and stern imperialism
But a mere squint to the people for their deprived dues

While we go behind a shutter without water
Living in the ghetto with the wailing motto
But never getting heard, seen, nor touched

It is the lies we seek to uncover
The dignity denied to common humanity
And a dream to someday be remembered as numbered

But! Not for fame nor the very same game
But as a desperate young African wanting to be heard
And given the recognition as a royal son of Mama Africa
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