old dust made new - Daniela Elza

the harmattan (d r y and c o l d) came in
couplets— fine unrimed red d us t

no matter how tightweshutthewindows
you cannot keep it out

b l u r r e d the trees the ho us es
the past— its long fluorescent lights

thin apparition— the desert came in
sifted down through mosquito nets

) t.here is no without ) no within the Sahara
breathing as if it w e r e memory (s l o w

and d i f f i c u l t) arriving on the north east winds
sinking even through the fabric of my d reams

old dust made new on our living sur f a c e s
in the morning the black table top turned canvas

where my dad left us secret m e s s a g e s
where my sister and I awoke to the wor(l)d

drew and rhymed with child fingertips
before my mom shined it clean for breakfast

"old dust made new" is the second of our series of poems on the Harmattan. New entries will be posted each week, and collected here.
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