Unshaken - Adjei Agyei-Baah

Let the stars lose their grip and fall
Let the sun suspend its light
And make the moon angry and moody
Just to bring lovers’ walk to a sudden halt
Let the rainbow refuse to give its colours
And my love for you will remain unshaken

Let the rain refuse to quench the desert’s thirst
Let the ocean refuse to wave and kiss the shore
Let the strong winds forever continue
To keep the flowers in tremble
And my love for you will remain unshaken

Let the skies tumble
Let Sicily’s Etna spit its fire
Let icebergs melt to overflow the sea
Let meteorites send shivers
Down the world’s spine
And my love for you will remain unshaken

Let butterflies starve flowers of their kiss
Let the harmattan continue to suck grasses pale
Let the land and the river struggle over eldership
Let computers continue to rule the world
My love for you remains unshaken.


Prince Kwasi Mensah said...

A fitting poem for Val's day...

I love the indomitable feel in Unshaken, the fact that whether things go wrong or not, love will still exist between two people.

Unshaken mixes promise and prophecy into a palatable tribute to real love. Well done, Adjei!

Dela Bobobee said...

Breathtakingly beautiful!
This is a well written poem. The emotions were powerfully evoked,the build up of imagery vividly apt, and the overflow very spontaneous. Your mastery of tugging at human emotional strings is very remarkable.

The effective use of repetition was handled very well. I bet the recipient of this irrevocable promise would still be blushing until the very end. The word "Unshaken" could make a very beautiful unisex name in my language, moreso when she is now "heavy". Ha, gotcha! You know what I mean?

Wow! You kept me breathless to the very expected end- "My love for this poem remains unshaken."

Dela Bobobee

Dela Bobobee said...

Oh, I almost forget!
Happy Valentine's Day, to all lovers out there.

Prince Kwasi Mensah has already set the ball rolling, and lover boy poet, Adjei Agyei-Baah has set the right mood with his very romantic poem. Today coincidentally is my wife's birthday.Formidably Unshakable combination! It is definitely going to be a Double "Unshakable" Celebration. Double Gbosa!

Darko Antwi said...

Adjei Agyei-Baah's treatment of love, as a subject in several titles, has surfaced his believe in the fact that a sense of true affection (in relationships) is meant to be infinite and trusworthy.

'True Love' and 'This Heart of Mine' are both great poems, but the ooze of strongwill and beverage of assurance in 'Unshaken' is a drama of confidence that gives Adjei's iconic theme a dazzling dimension.

In 'Unshaken' we see the consistency of an unconditional bond, firmly proved beyond adversity and time. What other adventure of words can come close to this response of a poet to his lover? Very scarce, I think.

It must be recognised that Adjei has catch two fish with a single hook:

The use of natural objects (icebergs, rainbow, moon etc) in his 'unshaken' address is mentally persuasive to the addressee, just as much as it lays-out a sentimental background to win emotions (hearts).

At a time when we are hyped by the inflation of orthodox love imagery of love poetry, the award-winning lecturer of my homecity has given us a new currency of picturesque lines - which would hopefully become a tender for everyday-expression.

As we endeavour to reach the world with Ghanaian literature, Adjei Agyei-Baah stands-out as a tonne of value on the scale of love poetry. Indeed, he is a marketable export of our creative industry.

May I join Prince, Dela and the pan-Africanist Jabulani in congratulating the father-to-be, while our best wishes go to his dear wife.

Darko Antwi said...

Please ignore the immediate word after 'orhtodox' in line 2 of paragraph 6. Thanks

Adjei Agyei-Baah said...

Great comments coming ffrom you guys leaves humbled but lifted, as it tells me that my effort is being monitored and tracked. On a day like Valentine, there was nothing much to share than to visited an old work (what I once said to my love) and refine it for sharing with mankind. I will say your awaiting comment did the magic as I had to fine-tune the lines over and over again. To Prince, Dele ,and Jabulani, I will say that you guys are great commentators as your diction was chosen with éclat and not forgetting of the way you guys play with words. You simply make me hunger to take a literary course with Writers Bureau so that I can flow along with doyens like you.
I and my wife appreciate your special way of saying happy valentine to us through your nice and thoughtful comments which had flowed every time we mount something new on OGOV.
And to Darko, I will say your comment keeps on growing splendidly. Take another pat and another bow from me. Although I’m sure I keep on improving with every new works, I will your regular comment has been the magic portion which has vouchsafe the taste. And from a respected commentator like yourself it means a lot to me. Keep it flowing……..