Silence - Samuel Adjei Ntow

My mind is blank
A tear falls on my bed, my poor eyes
The light is out
A cricket fills the void
Lying a yard away my books
Thankful like sleep to a slave
Lost to hope and aspiration... the owner

In the next room
Someone turns up the TV volume
In the other a boy shouts to be heard
In mine I write about them.

The TV is suddenly turned off
The crickets return
Dying arguments fade to graves
Then silence.....

The crickets get a companion
A frog croaks... spicing up the melody
A stray cat joins the chorus
Purring for food
In bed I write

My room... the light is out
My mind is blank
I hear a dog in the distance
Barking... telling its master
Sleep well... you are protected
But remember, more food tomorrow

Near my window
A man shouts into his phone
O.K. Bla... Mechia Maame
Afia ne Abena, bye bye

Illustrating where he is from

My mind is blank
The crickets and the frog sing their song
The cut is gone

A plane thunders through the night
As if seeking audience with the rain god
Now the night is cold

My mind is blank
The crickets.....

Someone drags his feet toward my window
Like a contented fool
It's Kwesi... on the phone
Lying to his girlfriend... as usual
I’m stressed... my money is in the bank
I don’t have credit... I will call,
The line cuts, and he curses the network operators
He goes back the same way he came
Thank God, I have my peace again

My mind is blank
The cricks continue
The TV murmurs... someone has turned it on again
I punch on my keys
Sleep beckons
I put down my phone
Waiting I yawn
My mind is blank
The crickets sing
A door shuts in the corridor
I yawn and wait.
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