Pious Beauty - Dela Bobobee

Beauty’s true constituents lie
beyond the limits of aesthetics
and far above defined symmetry
it takes its originality from virtue
that is peerless and above pettiness

show me what is truly beautiful
and I will show you a pious beauty
distilled in an African pot of honey
tanned in tasseled primordial kiln
on the shores where the sun shines

true beauty is in the deepest recess
of the prehistoric arboreal canopy
that is wild, unseen and untainted
by man’s restless fingers that sour
hives nurtured by nature in secret

once I saw a pious beauty laid waste
on the banks of an old swallow creek
where in a flurry orchids crisscross lilies
O! my skin may be too proud to blush
but my heart bled for a mangled goddess

when will our insane prodding fingers
cease to wither buds before they bloom?
pluck hatchlings from nature’s nursery
before they plum and learn to fly free?
detoxify the atmosphere before we choke?

perhaps until we set the sun at dawn
before it rises to silence our heartbeats.
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