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Kwadwo Kwarteng is a young contemporary Ghanaian writer who thinks of poetry as a masterpiece of knowledge painted in different shades of words on a canvas.

He is resident in Ghana and currently works with THE MBAASEM FOUNDATION which seeks to raise awareness on women's issues and support women writers.

Five Questions with Kwadwo Kwarteng:

1. You have a sharp sense of rhythm and rhyme. How did you develop this? Did you read particular poets who inspired you in this regard?

I can't account for my sense of rhythm and rhyme. None of my favourite poets uses this style of writing. Sometimes, I find the words; other times the words find me.

2. Do you read your poems out loud as you edit them? If so, how do you think that affects their development?

No, I don't read my poems out loud as I edit them. I only read them out loud when they're done. What helps me to develop my poems is the rhythm in my typing. I prefer to type my poems straight from my mind to my PC using a word-processor. That way, I see it as it takes form and edit it to my style.

3. Similarly, do you intend for your poems, primarily, to be read on the page, or to be performed?

I leave my poems to my readers to decide how they inteprete it, feel it and relate to it.

4. You definitely sound like a TRƆTRƆ veteran. Do you have any good stories from your travels?

Now that's a good question. One I'd like to share... It happened on my way to the office one Saturday. I had to take two different TRƆTRƆs to get to work (hectic, but necessary). As I got to my final stop and prepared to alight, I felt a sudden tug on my shirt and a shredding sound. No one had to tell me what had happened. In reflex action, I froze and slowly shrank back to my seat. Then I turned to see how bad the damage was. The lower end of the back of my shirt was caught in one of the hinges of the seat (the one closest to the door in front of the mate, if you know the sitting arrangement of Benz 207 TRƆTRƆs). I quietly unhooked what was left of it from the seat and alighted without saying a word. I haven't been able to wear that shirt since.

5. Do you have any new poems or projects that you are working on which our readers may be interested in?

I write as I have new experiences and am inspired by them, so there will be more where that came from.

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Josh said...

Kwadwo Kwarteng is a poet that inspires me. I hope everyone gets to experience his professional work.

He has what it takes to be like the accomplished poets we know today.