Zimbabwe - Prince Mensah

Zimba Remabwe [1]
Between the Zambezi and Limpopo,
Land of Shona legend and lore.
Our hearts yearn for more
Stories from Monomotapa
About greatness and gold.

Zimba Remabwe,
They named you Southern Rhodesia
As if the earth belonged
Not to the ones they wronged
But struggle begun to flow like lava
From volcanoes of dissent.

Zimba Remabwe,
The first born soil of the earth.
From Harare to Bulawayo
Every man is a hero
In battles of identity customized
By politics and economics.

The land did not belong to Rhodes,
It did not belong to hordes
Of stale imperialism.
The land Zimbabwe belongs to us,
The ones who bear her struggles,
Who kiss her lips when we fall.

[1] Big house of stone.

"Zimbabwe" is part one of our five-part series of poems by Ghanaians on Zimbabwe.
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