Woman in a Taxi - Theresah Ennin

Hair covered with an indigo scarf
Face turned out towards the window
Arms clasped around a slender frame
A veritable symbol of “don’t touch me”

Pushed onto the corner as if you’ve been
Flattened onto the door like a slice of tatale [1]
We are the only passengers in the back seat of this taxi cab
What calls your attention so intently, through the window?
Is it the men or women
Moving dexterously peddling their wares among these vehicles?
Or it is the array of flags lining the sidewalks like a mini United Nations?

Or is it me, your fellow passenger
Whose face you don’t want to see
Why don’t you lie back, relax and enjoy the ride
After all, you have paid for it, haven’t you?

[1] Ghanaian finger food shaped like a pancake but made of ripe plantain
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