Snaps of Ghana by Van G. Garrett - lies and truth

they told me you were no good
evil at your essence
foaming at the mouth with red eyes

i told them i would meet you and see
if your monstrous breath would strip my skin
if your screams and chants
would pierce my brain
they laughed
rolled their eyes

when i met you
i fell in love

they lied
they lied


Anonymous said...

I am curious for more

Emmanuel Sigauke said...

I like this; thanks for sharing!

Darko Antwi said...


Just a couple of weeks ago, he brought an insightful title that was able to convert souls. At least it made a football fan out of L.S, a confessed football lethargy.

I am myself a witness to (or a believer of) the precise meaning that results out of his concise poems.

I hope this week's title would win the goodwill of folks who are either averse to Africa or do not know much about civil Africa, and for that matter Ghana.

Adjei Agyei-Baah said...

Impressive!It is line with the saying that the:"TRUTH IS NEVER HIDDEN".It will definately come to light. Your piece will be my inspiration for this week.Kudus bro!

arshad said...

ican understand ur feelings.........