The Pause - Prince Mensah

Silent moment,
Perfect cover for madness
Within this troubled skull

Fear is nothing
But an army of worthless
Thoughts, poised to see me fall

Sight is blindness
In which I stagger, reckless,
Thinking I know it all

I look forward
Away from the present mess,
Still trapped, wall to wall


Darko Antwi said...


Struggles within and forces on the outside - all made known through the outstanding harmony of a poem. This is nothing but the wizardry of a poet we should seek to immortalise, before the Americans whisk him into their annals like they robbed Britain of T.S Elliot.

Treasure him!

Anonymous said...

Pensive.powerful--feels like chains of thought--divorced trains knitted together.Love the compounding,contemplation--gives depth,dignity--a touch of Buddha--round the corner?
Futhermore melancholy--spawns--creativeness--so dont despair.--Silverzorro.

Anonymous said...

Prince is my favorite poet on OGOV...I LOVE THE WAY HE USES WORDS!...I am proud of what he is doing out there...he's got a bright future...maybe the Nobel!

Samuel Odei-Ntri
Accra, Ghana

Darko Antwi said...


Very few Ghanaian poets of our generation have been able to write poems of this calibre - thus, with a scale-balance.

And I bet you don't have to be a cheerleader to admire how Prince's poems, in particular, stand at ease on the tightrope of poetry.

I'm afraid, but I wont blame the discerning Americans if they eventually make (which I'll be glad they do in lieu of our reluctance) a King out of our Prince.

May the coronation happen on our blessed soil.

Edmund Yirenkyi said...

The Pause gives me pause...about life...about purpose...about beliefs...about love. Prince Mensah has summarised the contradictions of life with a few words of wisdom...Best poem so far in 2009! I agree with Darko Antwi 100%

Anonymous said...

I--agree lets hope we all get along for the coronation--Silverzorro.

Prince Kwasi Mensah said...

LOL...Thanks, guys. I am still an apprentice. Everyone here is of equal capacity to write great poetry. God bless you for your kind words.

Darko Antwi said...

Great, yet humble and unassuming. Praise be to God!

Anonymous said...

dis poem dey make me think!

ImageNations said...

Interesting read! Enjoyed every bit of it. Love the rhyme of the 2nd and 3rd lines of every stanza.

Darko Antwi said...


A poem with this brevity of punch is meant for ponder and resolutions. 'The pause' has a stimulant that works more on our psyche, and little on emotions. Emily Dickinson was made famous by such - though fame was not her motive.

Welldone Prince.

Kae Sun said...

spot on!

Obibini Ba said...

Ghana is proud of you, Prince! Deep thought.