excerpt from "Letter to Obama" - Mbizo Chirasha

the world is wanting for you

singers are waiting for you

drum beaters are waiting for you

propaganda is waiting for you

paparazzi are waiting for you

presidents are waiting for you

villagers are waiting for you

planters are waiting for you

street kids are waiting for you

vendors are waiting for you

the wounded sing of you

the dead sing of you

the poets sing of you

shadow of malcolm x

footprint of luther king

freedom is you

for africa and america to become one

for africa to sing good of america

for america to sing good of africa


Foster said...

Obama surely must have a seashore pack of letters on his desk but this letter he's got to have it in his heart because the world is looking up to him even the unborn. Quite serious Mbizo.

Darko Antwi said...

Foster, I concord.

Darko Antwi said...

Still, I concord (agree) to the fact that Mbizo's poem is persuasive, and has the potency to touch the subject to whom it is addressed.

Our Zimbabwean brother has painted a vivid and honest jounalistic picture. And it makes me believe that; it's human for us to look up to a statemen of influence.

But may I add that it will be a grave misconception (second only to communism) for us to put all our weight on Mr Obama.

He himself has warned that we (Africans) should do some homework - even though he has us in mind.