Lion on a leash - Kae Sun

They wait till we dead before they honor us
Guess they tried to put some fear in us
You can't keep a king inside a cell,
Can't hold a lion on a leash.

Brave, brave hearted people
Speak on all you see thats evil
Speak when some not treated equal.
Wise grow wiser, Strong grow stronger
Declaring righteousness over yonder,
Don't let them mould your mind,
They can't hold a lion on a leash.

Sleep walkers walk on, Day dreamers they dream on
They put the fuel to the fire, know that these times they require
Those who seek to serve mankind in everyway, loving everyday
Hear what our Fathers say, don't take the mark of the beast, no.
Don't take the mark of the beast, don't.

Some will knock you down and try to trample you
Others try hard just to conquer you
They'll try to take a sage for fool
They'll try to steal the dreams of our youth.
But even when we fall we rise and carry on.
Through the highs and the lows wherever the wind may blow, wherever the wind may blow.

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