This Heart of Mine - Adjei Agyei-Baah

Wish I could unplug
This broken heart of mine
And cease it from this incessant throb of pain

Wish I could take my heart back to God for repairs
And keep it away from the eyes of lustful women
Who had many times stolen it away

Wish I could trade this tortured heart of mine for a baby’s
This heart now loaded with thorns and broken glass
Giving nothing but endless piercing and bleeding

Wish I could mend this devastated heart of mine
And make all the once broken cords vibrate again
And have a heart filled with true love, laughter and a little lie.


Anonymous said...

great start...could develop poem more...still a gud poem...4****

Darko Antwi said...

I would have titled it: pain. But the poet has given it a more effective title. 'This heart ot mine' is probably used to make it seem personal. It's a technique well-employed to solicit readers' sympathy (or empathy, depending upon how one relates to the subject). The sense of emergency is alarming. So demanding. I mean the mention of 'bleeding' and the need for 'repair & mending'.Robert Frost once said that a poem ends with delight. Agyei-Baah's is typical of a pleasurable and witty conclusion: '... laughter and a lie little'

Unified Talents said...

good work. i love your work. this is a perfect contemporary poem for young people who will want to appreciate poetry. i think it is personal and that you want to share it with the world. is good keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I've always known you'll be a great person in future; you're one person who is visionary and focused in life. This ad is comprehensible and reader friendly espercially for the lay-man who does not have any knowledge in literature. One really understands what you're trying to portary. This is a good work and more grace to your elbow. KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP.

Anonymous said...

this is a poet's true emotion flowing from the core of his heart.This really send signals to women that they are not only people who are always heart broken.Kudos, its only a few who can share their real personal experience_Ghanaba

Anonymous said...

roses are red, a woman made you blue.Its really true that woman need no truth but a lie.Sympathy to all truthful hearts which once bled.Well done Adjei, your work is meant for everyone to eat and digest.