Savannah Rain, West Africa - Daniela Elza

this way I still don’t expect it to (rain
at mid-day. the sky turns

a twilight-orange.
eyes dilate with the light dying.

then I smell it— the thin dust in the air.
wind picks up and toys with trees

bending their backs as far as they will go.
thunder so close now—

for an instant it is just I and lightning
linking earth to sky.

this kind of rain leaves me (my mouth open
tasting the charged air no time to exhale

until the torrent unswells slows down.
finally a calm— clouds turning lambs.

water slips and slides along familiar maps
whirls twirls drains.

outlines contours colours as
only visible under the paintbrush of rain.

its tiny feet leaving
clean prints everywhere.

the world looks up with countless raindrops on
its eyelashes (washed atoned brighter—

gets carried away on new water.


Anonymous said...

I love your use of spaces, Daniela. It's like inviting the reader to make up a new poem out of the original poem. That's a great technique for a poem with pictorial and thematic strength. Thank you for sharing your West African experiences with us.

daniela elza said...

Thank you for your comment, Prince K. Mensah. I am thrilled you felt invited, with the space and that it encourages you to play and create (these spaces are my little obsessions). I can only hope it will invite the reader to participate in further creation, but I never know how the form affects the reader until...I get the feedback. Your comment is invaluable to me.

Anonymous said...

Great poem and interview, Daniela. Very eloquent. Now I really understand your unique use of brackets!



Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Brilliant. And I want to say this again.