Ghana - Yo Elena Tkebuchava

As a holiday season treat, here is a poem submitted to us by a young girl who lives in Boston, US. A few years ago, when she was eight years old, she visited the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, at which a delegation from Ghana was performing. Inspired, she wrote this poem:


Far away, on the exotic African coast,
Where the equator crosses almost,
Where lions live in park-like savanna,
Lies the beautiful country of Ghana.

The king wears robes and rings of gold,
A magnificent sight, as I have been told.
A glorious crown on his majesty’s head
Richly adorned with gems widespread.

Women carry baskets on their head,
Filled with vegetables, fruits, and bread.
Children are running in hurry to school,
Bringing chairs and desks - their tool.

Lovely songs together they gaily sing,
About daily life and many a thing.
Their graceful dance in the silent night
Enchanting as moon sheds down its light.

Your tropical climate and sandy shore,
Lake Volta, rivers, and much to explore.
I love this country, this wonderful nation
And readily share my true admiration.

Yo Elena is an 11 year old girl who was born and lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Yo Elena loves writing, particularly poetry and short stories. She is an avid reader, studies fine art and history, and plays the piano. Her dream is to travel all around the world and get to know different cultures and peoples.

Recently, she created a poster with her sister which she presents to the second grade students every year when study Ghana in school. She devoted the poster to her school and it is now kept on the wall of its library.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Yo Elena. Your poem contains a large measure of the epiphany that hits people who learn about Ghana. Have a happy New Year and I'll be looking out for your book of poetry pretty soon.

Tengo Alpenidze said...

Yo Elena, as your other poems, this is also very good,you have a wonderful ability of sharing your feelings to other people. I like your poetry!

Anonymous said...

Yo shows through her poetry she's well beyond her age in wisdom. It's beautiful in its simplicity.

Darko Antwi said...

'A magnificent sight as i have been told'... I cherish the blend of knowledge and imagination. That's what poetry is all about. Dear Poet, you're on track. May the good Lord give you more.

Anonymous said...

wow!too poetic to be eleven.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece!Can't imagine what you would have written if given the opportunity to visit Ghana personally. Am impressed Yo. Happy New Year to all at OGOV.

Jonas said...

Yo Elena, you couldn't have said a better thing in a better way! I'm very impressed with your poem.It's great! At eleven! You have something big to offer the world of poetry, did you know?. I think the world had better watch out for you. Thnx a billion!

Unknown said...

Every time I read your new poem, I'm amazed how incredibly talented and intelligent you are at 11. Wish you all the best in 2009 and in the future, you have a lot to give to the world.

Manana Gagua

Jan Shafer said...

Yo Elena is currently a student in my fifth grade class. She is an amazing writer, thinker and person. I know she will one day get her wish to travel around the world. All who meet her will be richer for having done so.

Emmanuel Sigauke said...

Thank you Jan for the job you do as a teacher. Once in a while we get that one student who makes us proud....

Unknown said...

I am very proud of you Yo Elena... Wish you all the best...