Whispering Winds - Nana Damoah

Whispering Winds
Hear the
whispering winds
Cold frigid winds
Balmy? Soothing? No

The wind bites

The heat hits
Sharp as the needle point
Painful, biting, piercing

Next step
Where to? I ask
The blackness ahead
Is there a light, a beacon?
My eyes grow dim
Senses numb from hoping
Dull faculties, overstressed
Stress, burden, pressed down

Winds whisper of comfort

The source same as
The breadth of life
Strength for tomorrow

Whispering winds
Fresh from above
The source? From a dove

Love sacrifice gave

Whispering winds, grace
Occluded in love
Fresh from above
Given to face the morrow

I receive,
Lord, I perceive
I acknowledge
Lord, I accept
I am refreshed by
whispering winds
of Grace


Sarah Morris said...


Unknown said...

It soothes like the wind of dawn.
Reassuring and calming the troubled breast.
I love it

Anonymous said...

Mellow----and of very personal--Silverzorro.

Darko Antwi said...

Graceful in composition!In another sense, i would remark 'Whispering Winds' as inspirational. At least, my spiritual eyes were enlightened upon taking-in the last stanza. Keep reaching-out with this kind of stuff, Damoah.

Jonas said...

I like it, my friend.

Jonas said...

If only these whispering winds would send a message to Edith, wherever she is,that I'm terribly sorry for not staying in touch. Edith, I promise to get in touch with you as soon as I get the opportunity. All the best in your exams.