Suffocation - Foster Toppar

All around her was very dark
The air she breathed,
The gown she wore,
Her shoes,
Were all black,
But her face was fairly black
And lips beautifully carved.

Then she looked around
Seeing the heavens
She fell to her knees
And thanked her chi
For it was all darkness
'What pleasure is this?'
She questioned with a sigh
And turning away from the heavens.

She stared at the ground
On which she stood
Alas! It was sparkling
A gentle glowing black earth
Slept under her feet
Gulping the warmth and peace
That she had released.

She felt the hue
Accommodating her heart
It seemed-
The atmosphere was rich
And nourishing
And its classics
Reached far beyond
But it was very
To them that had heard
And yet refused to believe.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Mr Toppar. Suffocation is a part of life. From birth, man is suffocated by circumstance until he gives up in death. I love it, Foster.

Anonymous said...

poetic, foster.she was suffocated but atleast her lips were beautifully carved.thanks, foster

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully crafted. I was thrilled to see your work published here.