Barack - Prince Mensah

The young, tall man speaks with a voice soothing.
This black and white son of America
Has blood of Kansas and Kenya in him.
Change is his mantra, his strong active dream,
It ignites hope through homes in Africa
To halls in America, appealing
To the noblest elements of mankind.
An improbable journey so it was.
It begun with peace and stance against wars,
A voice against greed, a light upon race
And so the billions arose to embrace
An opportunity one-of-a-kind.
He spoke, he soared, he evoked hope - Yes, we can!
And the multitudes flocked to hear this man.

Noble Barack, the thunder, the blessed one,
Who thought this could ever happen this time?
Who thought slavery-stained America
Could vote for a son of black Africa?
Who thought this time destiny had a plan?
That color and character could now rhyme?
But this maestro from the land of Lincoln
Moved a changing nation to vote upon
The last chapter of emancipation,
To justice’s final coronation.
With a party of former slave owners
Against party that outlawed slavery,
The full irony of saints and scorners
Defined a nation’s profound bravery.

Now history is made, the chance arrives
To use that on which humanity thrives:
Love and hope and faith, we cannot lose these
Elements to justified war or peace.
The day we all dreamed of has become fact.
On posterity this shall have impact
That nothing is impossible for men
When they trust in God and themselves to turn
The tides of myopia, the rants of hate.
So the sons of men will now contemplate
Of how to use this brand-new euphoria
For our attitudes are now solaria
To the brilliance of true fraternity,
Fair equality and pristine liberty.


Anonymous said...

yes we can!obama's victory is victory for the civil rights movement,black nationalist leaders
and also an ispiration for every black person on this planet.our skin should't be a barrier to our success but a motivation.thanks for the poem,prince.

Anonymous said...

There is no turning back....Yes we can- Your Poem gave me goosebumps. Rated 5stars

Anonymous said...

Well---Prince----you said it all--wise words--Silverzooro

Anonymous said...

I am lost for words! Wow!This poem will be perfect for the Obama inuaguration. Let's spread the word about it. It is an apt descrption of how everyone feels about Obama's election.

edithfaalong said...

"justice's final coronation.
the day we dreamed of has become fact"
and Prince hit it right.