Africa - Benjamin Dowuona

Sons and daughters of Africa,
Your distressed mother calls,
Her soul travails.
She has but one request
Restore her to a state that is best.
From North to South,
East to West.
Her soul is thirsty.

Africa, the promised land
Africa, the cradle of civilization,
Mother Africa, full of natural resources
Mother of colour
Gold, silver and what have you
Had warriors too
For from you were borne
The great Nkrumahs, Kenyattas and Mandelas
Yet you went through all the trauma.

Yes, she is the mother colour
She is beautifully black
But her colour has been tainted,
Abused and destroyed
And now some of her children are ashamed
To be called and seen as black.
Tho' she is black,
Doesn't she deserve better?
In fact she deserves the best.
But can her children pass the test
And let her walk with a proud chest?

Children of Africa,
Let us all wake up
For our Mother needs a voice
It lies on you and I as Africans
To make her proud
What have you said,
Done, thought, about this?

Mother Africa needs us
As much as we need her
Let us all rise
And make her proud.
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