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Kyere Ofori Reginald was born in 1987 in Kumasi, Ashanti Region. He has an elder sister and a younger brother, and recently completed Philips Secondary Commercial School in Kumasi.

Five Questions with Reggie Kyere:

1. What inspired you to write about Nkrumah? What about Nkrumah makes him an interesting subject for poetic study?

My admiration of great men inspired me. He is a cheetah in a colony of leopards when it comes to today's African leaders.

2. How do you think Nkrumah has been, and will be, remembered by history? How do you think he should be remembered?

He's had schools and others named after him, has portrait on Cedi notes, etc. I think there should be a day like "Nkrumah Day". I also believe he should receive coinage.

3. What role do you think poetry can have in shaping our understanding of history?

Our history can be read and sung to us through poetry like a lullaby.

4. What do you think Nkrumah would say of the state of Ghana today?

Not bad. We have a long way to go, we just need the proper mindset.

5. Do you think that it's possible for someone like Nkrumah to rise to a position of leadership in Ghana today?

They all come into office looking and sounding like Nkrumah. Nobody knows what happens to them. Hopefully we will get someone like Nkrumah again.

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Long live Ghana and the dreams of Nkrumah