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Cosmas Mairosi was born on February 8th, 1977 in Mudzi, Zimbabwe. He grew up in the rural area of Rusape in Manicaland province. He is a qualified primary schoolteacher by profession, holds a diploma in Education (distinction in English). Cosmas is a performance poet, writer, and arts trainer in children's performing arts.

Cosmas' poems have won numerous awards, and his poems and short stories have been published in Writers Scroll, Teacher's Voice and New Voices Magazine. One of his poems is featured in the international anthology 'CHE IN VERSE', published by Aflame Books.

Five Questions with Cosmas Mairosi:

1. What inspired you to write about Nkrumah? What about Nkrumah makes him an interesting subject for poetic study?

Nkrumah is one of the greatest leaders from the African continent that deserves legendary acclaim. Whenever I teach my pupils about Africa, Africa day, O.A.U./A.U., I feel a certain pride for the man and his vision for Africa. Poetry is the only way I can express my gratitude and pay tribute to the man.

2. How do you think Nkrumah has been, and will be, remembered by history? How do you think he should be remembered?

Nkrumah will always be remembered for his vision for Africa. True leaders take a holistic approach. In liberating Ghana, Nkrumah did not see it as an end, but a beginning. He saw Ghana as part of Africa. His vision for the whole continent. As a poet I do feel an anthology on him is best.

3. What role do you think poetry can have in shaping our understanding of history?

Poetry can express the true nobility to objects, heroes and historical events. It can vividly bring events back to life and define perspectives. It makes old bones shake in the grave.

4. What do you think Nkrumah would say of the state of Africa today?

Keep trying, you will win.

5. Do you think that it's possible for someone like Nkrumah to rise to a position of leadership in Ghana, or elsewhere in Africa, today?

Africa still needs another Nkrumah. He might have had faults but his vision was true and holy.

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