The Sea Eats Our Lands - Kwesi Brew

Here stood our ancestral home:
The crumbling wall marks the spot.
Here a sheep was led to slaughter
To appease the gods and atone
For faults which our destiny
Has blossomed into crimes.

There my cursed father once stood
And shouted to us, his children,
To come back from our play
To our evening meal and sleep.
The clouds were thickening in the red sky
And night had charmed
A black power into the pounding waves.

Here once lay Keta.
Now her golden girls
Erode into the arms
Of strange towns.

"The Sea Eats Our Lands" is part five of our five-part series of poems on Keta. Visit our archives to view the rest of the series.

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Anonymous said...

Kwesi Brew is a poetic maestro and a true son of Ghana. I hope Africa is blessed by more of such writers. I see, on this site, seeds of promise. Do not give up, even though this world expects you to fail. The school of life is open to all--black, brown, yellow or white.
Sons and daughters of Africa, arise and shine!

Terrence 'Rustic' Barclays
London, UK