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Kwofie Matthew is a professional teacher, and a student of the University of Cape Coast. He enjoys creative writing and hopes to be a great author or journalist in the future.

Five Questions with Kwofie Matthew:

1. What inspired you to write "Keta, My Love"?

First of all, I guess I was inspired by your advertisement. Secondly, I think my usual desire to write about things I see and feel around me also contributed greatly.

2. Have you ever been to Keta? If so, when was your last visit?

No, I have never visited Keta, but I have heard and read so much about the prevalent situation. I have planned paying a visit though. It is just unfortunate; nature forcefully arresting and enslaving a very beautiful human settlement. I think the usual ‘wait and see’ attitude of the Ghanaian is manifested in what is happening at Keta; an early stitch could have saved a neigh. I also think we humans must learn to respect nature and to stay away from places nature considers uninhabitable.

3. What comes to your mind when you first think of Keta, or hear someone mention it?

I think of a once peaceful village now at war with nature.

4. Do you think it is possible for people to understand Keta without having personally visited?

Hmn! I will say yes and no with a lot of caution. Firstly, one can easily paint a mental picture of the state of affairs at Keta upon reading or hearing something about that place, but I doubt if one can really come to true terms with the actual situation on the ground without visiting the place.

5. What similarities can you draw between Keta and your home town of Elmina? What differences?

Can I really respond to this question into details without being biased? I know Elmina very well, but do not know Keta that well. I have read quiet a lot of articles about Keta but I still don’t think I know that town well enough to attempt to compare it with another town.

All I can say basically is that both towns are fishing communities and whereas Elmina is inhabited predominantly by Fantes, Keta is inhabited predominantly by Ewes. Also, Elmina has very calm shores and beaches which apparently is not the case at Keta.

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