Youngsters - Vida Ayitah

Drunk and loud
Was the course of our days
When nothing else was left to do
We desired all things forbidden
Led ourselves into traps that left us
Badly scarred
Yet the pain we suffered for every sick act
Was never enough to hold us back
Or give us a seed of wisdom
That we may mature and be
What was the point of being young
If all it meant was being careful and reasonable?
So we lived
Laughed, drunk and held consult
With all the sick demons that we so willingly let in
Funny to think now we have grown
And have children of our own
Whose big ambition is to be all that we had been
Refusing to believe the stories we tell them
Refusing to believe that we too
Used to be young and silly
And paid dearly too, for all the wrong we did

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the innocence of youth--carefree,curious---sometimes cruel--pulling the wings of a fly -just to see what would happen to it---well this poem is refreshing---love the fact this woman has the strength to stand naked with here feelings.