A Look at the Endless Sea - Reginald Asangba Taluah

A look at the endless sea
And what do I see
I see eternity
I see creation
I see from the far end
The meeting of the clouds
And the blue reflection of the waters
I see the vigor with which
The waters splash the shore
But can not tell the force behind
I see birds in swift flight
Attempting to catch their prey
At the far away waters
I see those boats
As minute as milk tins afloat
I hear the rumbling and tumbling
Of the turbulent waves
As they echo in euphony
Crum, prum, crum, prum
Like a whisper in my ear
As the lightening above
And the sudden tranquility
And who said water and light differ
I stand in amazement and wonderment
A look at the endless sea
And what do I see
I see God

1 comment:

John Bryden said...

This is a wonderful and uplifting poem. And the explanation of it in the commentary is deep and perceptive. When more people learn to see "poetically" in this way, becoming aware of the spiritual truths behind obvious phenomena, the kingdom of God will be near at hand!