You are the rain - Agbleze Selorm

You are the rain
That watered the twin-bearing grain
The rain on whose waters the hunters sailed
Hunters against whom the gods failed
The waters on which floated her blood
The blood of my black lady love

You are the rain
That washed her supposed ignorance
And gave her children the fishers hook
Hand-in-hand with a fattened maggot of liberty
From the sappers of the sacrifice altars
And slavery to dumb woods
You have spared some the erect graves
And blinding feathers' rage
Of the fifth landing stage
And liberated virgins of shackles
Shackles forged for their fathers ankles

You are the rain
Dressed in rainbow colours
That burdens my love
With the children of borrowed cowries
And enslaves her to women of her kind
Because you are the rain
That watered the twin-bearing grain

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edithfaalong said...

there is a beauty about african poetry that only an african can understand and capture.