BONUS: Tribute to a Legend - Julian Adomako-Gyimah

More tributes to Lucky are being written every day - here is one from Julian Adomako-Gyimah. If you would like to share your own work on how Lucky's life, work and death have affected you, please post it using our comment system.

Tribute to a Legend

Uncontrollable tears are running down my cheeks
I feel so shattered and empty
Another great prophet has been killed
A great son of the world has been murdered
What a crazy world we live in

Hmm! Great guys don't live for long
This is however very wrong
The murder of Lucky leaves me with fear
I am scared anytime I leave home
How am I going to die?

How long am I even going to live?
Am I going to be murdered?
Or am I going to be shot like my hero
Run down by a car
Or hit with a bloody hammer?

I am so scared
The world isn't safe anymore
A conspiracy is running around us
One to kill all who fight against injustice
I wish I could have saved you Lucky

And I wish death had been swallowed
Ouch! It hurts to know that a great man is gone
Had he accomplished his mission?
Certainly not
He's been murdered in cold blood

Damn! I don't care what anyone says
Lucky was surely murdered
A great philanthropist has been terminated
His music has not been eliminated though
Lucky will live on and save the children

What a sad day it is
A hero of the world is gone
But his ideologies and music will live on
Lucky, what a great man you were
Arise! We must stop this conspiracy

And make the world a safe place once again
My tears are uncontrollable
But Lucky never dies
Cast the dice and see what happens
He is a great man and a universal hero

A 21 gun salute is what you deserve brother
I rest my case
Till we meet Lucky again in God's Kingdom


Julian said...

Lucky Dube is certainly a hero and I am definitely dedicating 10 pages of my new book to this great man who helped in the apartheid era and chanted fire on chauvinists and murderers like Botha the mosquito. The supporters of apartheid eliminated him but for how long will they be at bay.

My mama was so sad when she called from London and asked "what happened to Lucky Dube" Is he really dead? Or my God. Anybody who believes in justice would admire this great militant for his desire to see a just and safe world.

He talked about his death with his cousin and about what kind of coffin he was going to be burried in etc few minutes before his death and surely, this was a great man.Lucky,much respect and a massive 21 gun salute for you and all freedom fighters

edithfaalong said...

i fell in love with lucky when i was just a child.and his death sent a chill through me....its sad what we do to our own kind.
makes me wonder what reward could fuel such an act?
its indeed very sad.

edithfaalong said...

anonymous, i like ur regularity on this remain a fan