BONUS: Tribute to a Legend - Julian Adomako-Gyimah

More tributes to Lucky are being written every day - here is one from Julian Adomako-Gyimah. If you would like to share your own work on how Lucky's life, work and death have affected you, please post it using our comment system.

Tribute to a Legend

Uncontrollable tears are running down my cheeks
I feel so shattered and empty
Another great prophet has been killed
A great son of the world has been murdered
What a crazy world we live in

Hmm! Great guys don't live for long
This is however very wrong
The murder of Lucky leaves me with fear
I am scared anytime I leave home
How am I going to die?

How long am I even going to live?
Am I going to be murdered?
Or am I going to be shot like my hero
Run down by a car
Or hit with a bloody hammer?

I am so scared
The world isn't safe anymore
A conspiracy is running around us
One to kill all who fight against injustice
I wish I could have saved you Lucky

And I wish death had been swallowed
Ouch! It hurts to know that a great man is gone
Had he accomplished his mission?
Certainly not
He's been murdered in cold blood

Damn! I don't care what anyone says
Lucky was surely murdered
A great philanthropist has been terminated
His music has not been eliminated though
Lucky will live on and save the children

What a sad day it is
A hero of the world is gone
But his ideologies and music will live on
Lucky, what a great man you were
Arise! We must stop this conspiracy

And make the world a safe place once again
My tears are uncontrollable
But Lucky never dies
Cast the dice and see what happens
He is a great man and a universal hero

A 21 gun salute is what you deserve brother
I rest my case
Till we meet Lucky again in God's Kingdom
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