Black Scribes - Paul Koomson

Oh, how I wish
The Bible was written by a Black man,
An African or some coloured people
Then they would have been divinely inspired
To be the heralds of the Creator's will,
Our creator's grand plan, His ways,
The divine rules of the ultimate maker
Who has always been
Blacks would have been the scribes
And the Dark Continent the cradle
Of improved Judaism
Or maybe it was modernised
What then would the world's response have been
Could the dark arena have emitted light
To all the universe
Wonder is the response
Perhaps the heathens would have been Israelites
No! Forget not,
That time is too remote
Well, they were god-open but God-remote
Africa knew nothing and could not document
What about the Pharaoh's land?
Leave that one
What if Africa is freed of the double bind
From the rulers of our rulers,
From the monster rulers of the states,
The auto-images of the fiend.

The Bible may have been written by Africans.

1 comment:

Emmanuel Sigauke said...

Powerful poem about our continent. I also like what you said in your interview about Africans being the true scribes of Africa. The statement needs to continue to be declared, that one statement that corrects the lies of history and affirm the distinctness as well as the universality of Africa.