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Born on December 31st, 1973 in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Ebenezer Boamah is a man of God whose mandate is to national interest of all spheres. He believes the spirit is not void of the flesh. He is specifically called for rural missions to gather and shepherd, together with other dedicated men of God, the people of God; help the poor; emancipate the oppressed; guide national spiritual uprightness; and contribute to national development. He is inspired by the Spirit of God, love, patriotism, freedom and justice.

Five Questions with Ebenezer Boamah:

1. How long have you been writing poetry?

I have been thinking and murmuring poetry to myself since my secondary school days as an enthusiastic literature student, but only recently made the effort to scribble something down – about some three years ago... even so it has been for my private consumption, which I sometimes share with some few friends now and then. This is because even though the word of God is the most poetic piece, people in my circles seem to have no regard or cognizance of poetry.

2. Who are your favorite poets? Which poets have most inspired and informed your work?

Kings David and Solomon are my favorites among other biblical poets, like the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. I also do enjoy the wise and romantic poetic lyrics of the Ghanaian composer and songster Kwadwo Antwi. I must say apart from my biblical influence, he is the only living writer who has some influence on my work.

3. What do you hope to accomplish with your poetry?

The dimension of my work is of multi-faceted positive influence. My work is in line with my vocation, preaching. I preach love in the biblical sense of the word, as pure affection and care among people. More so, legitimate romanticism is biblical, which God-fearing people should not be uncomfortable with, and should thus express themselves freely in its legitimacy, as between married couples or those pledged to marry. God is not a bore, but allows such, even as we have the most romantic romanticism in His word in the Book of Song of Songs of King Solomon. I preach unity, justices, emancipation in all its facets with my poems. I lament for Ghana and Africa sometimes; and for the world at large for turning her back on God, her maker and sustainer. I hope to give true insight into life to all people with my poems.

4. Do you know of many poets in the Ashanti Region? Is there much poetry-related activities in your area?

I believe the larger Ghanaian community in its originality is one bunch of a poetic entity. There is so much wisdom and insight in the Ghanaian worldview and expressions, which are mostly true to the word of God, and the human life at large. Wisdom and knowledge are always compactly handy for one’s insight in our society, it is just that we fail woefully to avail ourselves because of modern subjectivism. I’m not into poetry as a vocation or for the sake of poetry, but instead I utilize it as a strong delivery tool for the proclamation of the message.

5. How have your religious beliefs shaped or influenced your poetry?

My faith, Christianity, the only saving reality, permeates my poetry, because you don’t believe something, profess another, and act different – that would be a sham.

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