The Beautiful Child - Julian Adomako-Gyimah

Many years ago a great child was born
Born to the great continent of Africa
She was charming and so adorable
She was adorned in gold and diamonds
Her gold deposits were so much that she gained an immaculate name

The Gold Coast
La Côte D'or
Her name reached far and wide
And she soon attracted the Portuguese
They had their share of her gold

The Danes followed
They left very early with our riches
And then the British came to stay with us
We were about to be colonized and lose our wealth
A new nation was to be born out of the Côte D'or

50 years today, Ghana was born out of the Gold Coast
And she was to be blessed with a divine child
Kwame Atoapem Nkrumah
Busumuru, The son of the sword
He was to liberate Africa and make her greater

This new African Child put the spirits of our Ancestors at rest
Spirits of our slaves, your nation is 50 years old today
Spirits of the dead slaves
Come make merry with us this day
The Fotomfrom drum is playing

And the Dondos are beating
Great nation
Our ancestors are calling
They are calling for accountability
True democracy is what they call for this day

Ha! Ha! Ha!
How ecstatic we are today
The world is gazing openly at you mother
We're wondering what you're going to do next
Oh! Great nation Ghana

We are engulfed with gold and diamond
Manganese and Bauxite are all over you
How can we not salute your greatness?
Let's make merry all day
Let's dance and drink

Whilst we avoid dancing around our dreams
Dreams of your kids are staring at you
How can they turn them into reality?
The Gong is playing
And calling all lovers of freedom and justice

Why not join us in celebrating Ghana's greatness
Why not join us as we celebrate the life of our freedom fighters
Kong kong kong, the gong is still calling
Calling out all sons and daughters of the lady of 50
Rejoice and celebrate the life of a good mother

The beautiful child of extraordinary capabilities
We salute you at 50

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