This Is The Time - Julian Adomako-Gyimah

My eyes are filled with tears
And my ears are filled with semantic noise
My heart is filled with hatred and sadness
And I wish I could liberate my people from these vultures

The vultures who call themselves politicians
They make promises and yet grab as much as they can
All at the expense of the citizenry
We might not be able to pick up the gun

Not because we are cowards but because we hate violence
Yet we can make a point with a mightier weapon
The pen, something which scares the vultures
This is the time to tell the truth

The truth which has eluded us for years
Politicians are the biggest liars in the world
They should be taken as jokers
Because they have no truth to tell

They don’t know what is truth
The NDC deceived and let Ghanaians and Africa down
The NPP are no good
They all speak one language

That is lies
Who said politicians think of us?
Who said they are interested in eradicating poverty?
Look at them in their flashy cars

See them as they encourage immorality amongst the youth
They live in a clover whilst the populace dies of hunger
This is the time for us to beat our drums
And dance to true democracy and accountability

This is the time for us to cry out loud
Cry out loud and ask for politicians to be more accountable
This is the time for us to cry out loud
And urge these bloody politicians to follow the footsteps of Nkrumah

This is the time
The time for us to rise against imperialism and neocolonialism
This is the time for us to rise against nepotism, tribalism and ethnocentrism
These ......sms are being used wrongly by the politicians
Arise to the task
And hold on to the zero tolerance to corruption, President Kuffour
Stop the misuse of our national funds
And stop creating divisions all in the name of politics

Ghanaians are noted as Ghanaians everywhere they go
And not by their political affiliations
Rawlings, you have had your time
It is now time for you to stop the boom speeches

And live as a true statesman
Obasanjo, this is the time for you to go
Aren’t we fed up with your betrayals?
Africa is fed up with your constant betrayals Obasanjo

You betrayed Charles Taylor
You betrayed your vice President
And have already betrayed your best friends
This is the time for Africa to say no to the hypocrites
Caramba! We cannot take it anymore greedy African leaders

Queridos Amigos
This is the time for us to say no to corruption and the corrupt leaders
This is the time for us to rise against tribalism and nepotism
Where is the $20m odd that Ghana @ 50 Secretariat had?

This is the time for us to ask why Accra is dirtier @ 50
This is the time to ask why there is so much hatred amongst Ghanaians
This is the time to ask why most of President Kufuor’s comrades are from one tribe
The time is now or never

This is the time to ask why the CIA and FBI are moving to Ghana
Whilst President Kufuor applauds at the imperialists
Did these agencies not overthrow the greatest son of Africa?
Are they not responsible for the chaos in Africa?

How then do our leaders tolerate them?
And even dine with them
Kwaku Ananse might think he is clever
But is he not the most foolish person we know

This is a message to all greedy politicians
We will hail you when you deserve one
But this is time to chant fire upon you
This is time to chant down heavenly water over your abodes

Liars and thieves of Africa
This is the time to change or die
This is the time to be accountable and stop robbing your people
This isn’t the time to own hotels and penthouses

This isn’t the time to make boom speeches
This isn’t the time for witch hunting
This is the time to apologize to Africa for your mistakes
And this is the time to compensate victims of political injustices

This is the time to create wealth amongst Africans
It is the time to halt capital flight
Time is ticking tick, tick
And isn’t prepared to wait for no man

It is time to stop kickbacks and give back to society
Time is ticking
Yet people are still reading newspapers instead of working in the public sector
Time is ticking

Yet crooks are still being made to take up top management positions
Oh! My mama Africa
I can hear your cry loud and clear
My pen is ready to liberate you

Liberate you from the shackles of the thieves called politicians
This is time to liberate Africa
This is time to hail Kwame Nkrumah
It is time to say no to neocolonialism and denounce Bush and Blair

We rate good men like Nkrumah and Mandela
Yet we hate people like Kufuor and Rawlings
We do not rate them because they have one thing in common
They all have serious human rights abuse records

They tolerate high interest rates
They tolerate high unemployment amongst their people
They enrich the foreigners
We can never rate but hate them

They create wealth for the few
And create poverty amongst the majority
We hate to see our people die
Hence our willingness to chant fire upon these evil men

This is time to talk and walk
This is the time to educate our people
And teach them how to defend their rights
This is the time to ask 24 questions

Why and how did Lumumba die?
Why did Apartheid continue for so long?
Why did the CIA kill Nkrumah?
Why did Nkrumah scare the West?

Why are Ghanaians still struggling @ 50?
Why are we spending $400m on cars whilst Ghanaians die of hunger?
Why are African banks so unhelpful to entrepreneurs whilst African leaders look on?
Why is President Kufuor not talking about zero

Why is Mugabe a target of Britain and the US?
Why is General Kotoka being hailed with the Airport named after him?
Why are we not giving Nkrumah the respect that he deserves?
Why is there no statue of Nkrumah at the Nkrumah Circle?

My mind is on fire
And my heart is filled with sadness
I still have 12 more questions to ask
And they need to be answered

Why is it so difficult to set up a business as a Ghanaian?
Why are Ghanaian businessmen not getting any tax exemptions?
Why are the CIA and FBI moving to Ghana?
Why are all the US agencies moving to one location in Ghana?

This is the time to ask several questions
And question the US foreign policy
This is the time to Question US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan
And Question the true terrorists of the World

Why is Obasanjo noted for deadly betrayals?
Why are our professionals leaving Africa?
Where are the great sons of Africa?
Why did they kill Steve Biko?

Why are politicians looting Mama Africa?
Why is Africa still in chaos despite all the natural resources?
Why is Africa poor when it is infact the richest continent?
Why don’t we call back Osagyefo and reignite his ideologies?

These are the 24 questions to ask ourselves this time
This is the time to move beyond politics
And denounce politicians for their greed and dishonesty
I am so scared for the next generation

As our leaders loot Mama’s riches
And share them amongst their cronies
All at the expense of the poor
There is a new dawn

A new dawn gazing at the rich African continent
This new dawn is frightening the bad politicians
This is the time to tell a part of the story
As the rest is to be continued in the minds of the honest ones

And put the dishonest politicians to shame
The time is now or never
Let us all dance to the fontomfrom and the rich African drums
The sound is immaculate and the time to beat the drum is now

The spirits of our ancestors are dancing
The good works of Nkrumah are being missed all over Africa
This is the time to tell the truth
And give due respect to the dead heroes of the continent.

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Anonymous said...

i never knew poetry was so depth, your words strike a part of our inner selves and this is really the time for us to fight for what is right and not fold our arms while things go wrong. Keep the pen writing!!!

Okonkwo Uche