Submission Guidelines

One Ghana, One Voice seeks poetry on Ghana: its people, places, culture, history and ideas. We also seek poetry on any subject, written by Ghanaians. Please review our mandate for more information. Submissions are open to all, though Ghanaian poets will receive priority in selection.

If interested, please send 2-3 poems in the text of an e-mail or as a .doc, .docx or .pdf file to Subject line: "Submission". Please include an author bio with your submission. We also encourage you to include an author photo, though this is not mandatory, and welcome you to attach photographs, audio and/or video content that supplements your poems.

We accept previously published material. We also accept simultaneous submissions of unpublished material. That said, we do not accept spammed submissions in which multiple magazines are carbon-copied within the same email. Please write us an individual email that adhears to our guidelines.

In addition to our general submission call, we are currently looking for special submissions in the following areas:

Special call for proposals for "How Poems Work" essays: We are looking for writers who are interested in writing deeply about a particular poem written by a Ghanaian or on Ghana. Please send us a proposal first, including the name of the poem you are writing on (and the text of the poem itself, if not already featured on the site) and the angle you aim to take in the essay. Please do not send us full, unsolicited essays. To get an idea of what we are looking for here, read this. Send your submission using the subject line: "How Poems Work Proposal".

Special call for poems in Twi: We are looking for poems written in Twi. English translations are optional, but encouraged. Send your submission using the subject line: "Submission - Twi Poem".

It will take us some time to consider if or how submissions will fit into our publishing cycle. Expect that you may not hear from us for up to six months. Please note that we maintain the right to reject, without notification, any submissions that do not adhere to our submission guidelines.

If one of your poems is selected for a profile, we will contact you and at that point ask you the "five questions" for the interview portion of your profile.

If you have any questions about our submission process, please feel free to contact us. Also, check out this Q&A about our guidelines.

Guidelines last updated February 2nd, 2014.