Mama - Vida Ayitah

My Mama said to me
Go out and find a man
And bring me grandkids

I went to the marketplace
They sell everything
But no man was for sale

I took the bus
To the next town; where I heard men were in abundance
But alas! Each one was already taken

So I came home to Mama
And said: I didn’t find any man
She said I didn’t look hard enough

So I went out one night
To the nightclub; where lights go amber and glitzy
My eyes danced and danced!

So many men!
I wonder why I never came here
Why nobody told me…

So I brought the gentleman home
And gave Mama two grandkids
Which indeed made her happy

Mama said to bring her grandkids
She didn’t ask that I find true love... a nice man
Who wouldn’t leave after a few years

So many cold nights I’ve known now
So many empty mornings... spent alone in gloom
Who wants to love a dry, withered old woman
Who has two ugly bastards?

Poor Mama, who needed grandkids
And thought
Thought I met the father in a church!
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