The Beauty That Shines - Prince Anin-Agyei

Thou art beautiful, Kabutuwaa,
Thou art very beautiful indeed.
See how thy skin colour
Portrays the true beauty of Mama Africa.
Thou art the darkness that gave birth
To light on the day of creation,
For thy humble character inspires
Thy divinely given blackness.

She is the beauty that every precious
Hook seeks to lay the hands on.
Yes, she is the greatest beauty
That nature has ever invested in.
She is the only moon that brightens
The boiling sun in my village.
Obaahemaa is in fact the barrier
Between tomorrow and the dawn.

Even though she is at the
Other side of the moon,
The drummer shall continue
Beating in deep silence.
And if she hears the beating
Of his heart and she is willing,
She shall surely run towards home.

Let all the market women
Come along with their logbooks
And enjoy the flooding fire.
Let the drums and the rich resonant voices
Of Okyeman put their hands and throats to play.

Alert the slave master
Of this montage occasion,
For the true taste of the
Sacred calico has grown dim
And the echoes of the drizzling rain
Have erupted the volcanic mountains.

Her name is Yaa Kabutuwaa,
Born on a beautiful Thursday morning.
Offer my darling with the seasonal cloth
In its rich natural taste and sight,
For nature has nothing to gain
Except romantic visions and dreams.

Look up!
There she stands on her slender legs
In the middle of the blazing sun,
Spreading her lovely wings over my loneliness.
Call her by her name!
Sit her down!
Sing to her the secret bee's song of love
To cool down her thirsty heart.
But if my true shining beauty will agree,
Give her a place in my heart to sleep this night.

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